Knock knock…

Is anyone still doing this? 


trick or treat

oh yeah and

…nothing you say is important unless you make it. fucking dumbshit weener sucker.






is this experiment over? do i move back now?

If only

Pennsylvania RRD (Taken with instagram)

Pennsylvania RRD (Taken with instagram)

I’m home. (Taken with instagram)

I’m home. (Taken with instagram)

Youth and Experience

To Youth and Experience:

You both have smacked me in the face and I’m enjoying the sting. Thirteen weeks ago, I embarked on a little experiment and left the comfort that was my life in California. At 22 years old I’ve grown more and learned more about who I am than I ever could have anticipated. Living 15 minutes outside of NYC has been the catalyst for much of what I’m discovering myself to be. I’ve always dreamed of coming out to the East Coast and immersing myself in every aspect of life here. I lucked out finding a job right near the South Street Seaport at a restaurant called, Salud! and couldn’t be happier with my fortune there. Serving tables suits many of the qualities I arrived with but has challenged me to develop many other characteristics I never had before. Though I’m still very young I’ve gathered that you grow up very fast in such an environment, along with being in NY. Having not yet finished school, it’s my belief that my time here, however long that may be, will teach me more than I ever could have learned by slogging my way through school. I’m in love with the idea/reality of my situation-that situation being, if on a whim I so choose to head upstairs and write on the rooftop, I have an incredible view of Manhattan. There really is nothing like drinking a cup of tea, perhaps having a smoke and writing into the night while looking over the city I’ve come to be infatuated with. Being a fledgling writer of no particular importance, the energy this simple pleasure provides has been immeasurable but definitely holds a profound impact on my attitude toward life and moving forward. For the first time in a long time I have the tendency to rise up to obstruction as opposed to seeking the easier, more comfortable solution. In California I was becoming complacent and bogged down, but here I’ve regained the drive to take what I want while maintaining my needs. Though I have yet to strike the perfect balance between the two, I see where I’m heading and it’s definitely positive. Having to navigate the subway system, getting to know new people in the city, working a job I thoroughly enjoy, and being able to steer myself in any direction I choose has sparked something inside of me that will surely have a lasting effect on who I am for the rest of my life. And instead of being intimidated by this thought, I’m able to embrace it and am eager to grasp every opportunity that bounds in front of me. I’m excited to go back to California in a couple weeks and see just how much my perception of things has changed in the short amount of time since I’ve been here and how that will affect me coming back to NY.


Class is in session. (Taken with instagram)

Class is in session. (Taken with instagram)